The AI-Powered Relationship Intelligence for dealmakers

Get visual answers to your biggest business development questions and the ability to monitor and adjust every part of the business development lifecycle, your team will be able to accelerate revenue growth like never before.


Understand the commercial potential of your relationships

Unlock the hidden potential of your professional relationships with Network Analyser. Our powerful tool organizes your contacts into five strategic networks, making it effortless to manage and expand your connections. Take your relationships to the next level with our advanced scoring parameters, and optimize your professional network for success. With Network Analyser, you'll have the tools you need to succeed in today's fast-paced business world.


Turn Relationships Into Revenue.

Relationships Management empowers your team to strategically segment their professional network and invest in building relationships in the most lucrative sectors and markets for your business, resulting in a significant boost in revenue.


Clone Your Dealmakers.

Through a plug-and-play API you can seamlessly extends your reach to a wide range of datasets, including systems of record, systems of engagement, systems of intelligence, data lakes, next-generation lake houses and even public or offline data sources.


All your Relationship-Based Revenue Reports & Insights in One Place

Empower your business development strategy with Reports & Analytics. Get visual answers to your most pressing questions, unlock key referrals, and master every stage of the business development lifecycle. Accelerate revenue growth with AI-generated next steps and take your business to the next level.



A suite of products that helps your team to build fit for purpose network of professional relationships aligned with your company strategic and financial goals.

Network Builder

For Business Development professionals to make a meaning of their network organising it into clusters, and making it effortless to manage and expand.

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Relationships Management

For SME and Corporations to understand the cost of their business development efforts and to start building strategic relationships in the most lucrative sectors.

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Coaching & Enablement

For Business Development Coaches to sale up their operations gaining valuable insights into the performance of their clients turning tribal knowledge into organisational knowledge.

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Reports & Analytics

Visual answers to your most pressing business development questions. Unlock key referrals, and master every stage of the business development lifecycle.

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AI-powered Relationship Intelligence CRM

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